Green Hedges’ believes the home-school partnership is crucial and provides parents, as well as their children, a rich and rewarding experience. Throughout the year, there are many great ways to get involved. Being active affords parents the chance to meet other parents and become an integral part of school life. There are occasions to meet every interest and availability.

Each class is assigned a Room Parent (RP) who serves as a mentor to new families as well as regularly distributing information on school happenings. Parents are encouraged to become involved in helping with classroom, PTO and/or Gala activities. Get involved as much as you can as your gift of time and talent enriches not only your child’s year but also the overall Green Hedges’ educational experience for all our students.

Room Parents 2016-17

  • Mont-Heill: Alison Garen
  • Mont-Nichols: Helena MacLean
  • Grade One: Mona Shahani
  • Grade Two: Anna Shaw
  • Grade Three: Jason Everett

  • Grade Four: Marg Schulenberg
  • Grade Five: Ayah Davis-Karim
  • Grade Six: Stacy Buttrey-Drudge
  • Grade Seven: Teri Jones
  • Grade Eight: Rebecca Rushforth

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The goal of the PTO is to promote school spirit and a sense of community through numerous events and programs.

The PTO raises monies primarily through the sale of milk and lunch programs, dues, and other fundraising events. These monies are then used to support professional development opportunities for Green Hedges faculty, special programmatic initiatives like technology upgrades, cultural assemblies for students and social events for the school community.

The PTO Executive Committee is comprised of a president, vice-president and room parent coordinator, secretary, and treasurer. The PTO’s work throughout the year divides its efforts among various committees whose chairs are assisted by interested volunteers.

PTO Executive Committee 2016-17

Jennifer McLaughlin

Vice President & Room Parent Coordinator
Dmitri Mehlhorn

Leonie Harms-van den Boom

Stephanie Alexander

The 2016-17 Committees include:

Lunch & Milk Programs
Chair – Robin Moroney

Juanita Draetta

Chair – Lisa Gibb

75th Anniversary Gala
Chair – Kelly Rodgers


The PTO relies on volunteers. Parents are encouraged to contact their Room Parent (RP) or a PTO Officer to learn more about opportunities to participate. Each family is asked to consider volunteering for at least two (2) activities throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities are regularly posted in WAAG (Thursday e-newsletter sent to families) and sign-up sheets are available at several September school gatherings.