Strategic Plan

Green Hedges reevaluates its Strategic Plan on a regular basis, being mindful that the school must be ever vigilant that it is doing its best to provide its students with the educational excellence and nurturing environment the school has become known for since its founding in 1942. Pursuant to the school’s current Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2014, the school continues to complete the objectives related to Program, Faculty, Communications and Resources. In addition to regularly re-evaluating its Strategic Plan objectives to make sure they remain relevant, the school engages in continual self-evaluation as part of its accreditation process with the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) which has just review and completed its 10 year re-accreditation of Green Hedges. Finally, we periodically conduct a more formalized strategic planning process which allows us additional time for reflection and assessment.

Our current Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2014. In this plan, the Board adopted an ambitious set of objectives for the School in the areas of Program, Faculty, Community, Communications, and Resources. While challenging, these objectives will allow Green Hedges to continue to provide its students with the education they will need to be successful as they define their futures.

Strategic Plan Documents

2011 Strategic Plan Document

2014 Strategic Plan Document

Tuition and Strategic Plan Report