2 year old

Montessori 2-Year Old Program

Curriculum Objectives

The Montessori 2-year old Program at Green Hedges primarily focuses on developing independence, fine-tuning gross and fine motor skills, enhancing social skills, practicing Grace and Courtesy, and developing positive interactions with others for our youngest learners. There is so much development that happens at this age and our Montessori program provides a nurturing and safe environment in which to do so. In addition, other objectives of the program include:

Practical Life

Practical life activities encourage the child to take care of the environment with size-appropriate tools. The children care for the outside environment through gardening activities and the inside environment through dusting, mopping, sweeping, and washing dishes. Our 2-year-olds are also directed to take care of themselves by washing hands, hanging up clothing, managing personal items, and toileting.

Specific Objectives for Practical Life

  • Respect and care for self and others
  • Care for the indoor environment
  • Care for the outdoor environment
  • Food preparation


Manipulatives are activities in which the children practice hand-eye coordination, using the hands as an instrument for the mind, and refining their fine motor skills in preparation for writing.

Language Skills

Language activities are developing at a rapid rate during the early years. Naming cards and matching introduce foundations for alphabet and language. Stories, finger plays, singing, and spontaneous conversation time encourage both social and language skills.


The 2-year-old is able to use various materials to express creativity and to enhance fine motor skills. Language skills are further reinforced through the child’s description of the art and its personal meaning. Social skills particular to gift-giving are introduced and coordinated with traditional holidays.

Music and Movement

Music and movement provides the 2-year-old an opportunity for physical development, listening, and creativity. It gives the child an opportunity to get up and move!

Motor Skills

The 2-year-old is refining both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are heightened through practical life activities such as pouring, sorting, etc. Gross motor skills are heightened in physical activities such as rhythm/music movement and outdoor play.