Portrait of a Green Hedges School Graduate

"It has been the hope of those who teach in this school to make of it a clear window on the world, so that the children graduating from the school would meet adulthood with the excitement of well-armed challenge, fully enlightened idealism, and the courage of real wisdom."

How We Cultivate our Graduates with Values

To Achieve Distinction, GHS students learn to become independent, critical thinkers

– Shows grit and perseverance
– Dives into creative processes
– Risk-taker willing to embrace new experiences + flexible problem solver
– Intrinsically motivated 

To Become Yourself, GHS students are cultivated to become purposeful communicators and leaders

– Collaborator and advocator
– Exhibits strength of character
– Self-aware and self-confident
– Makes meaningful connections with others

To Explore Opportunities, GHS students are supported to become multifaceted contributors

– Balanced polymath + interdisciplinary thinker
– Takes ownership and initiative
– Intellectually curious with a growth mindset
– Appreciation for the arts + passionate reader

To Inspire Character, GHS students are developed to become responsible community members

– Ethical global citizen + steward of the earth’s resources
– Values bringing joy to school and community
– Respects others’ differences and embraces diverse perspectives
– Respectful, kind, and compassionate

The Unique Green Hedges Journey

The Green Hedges School journey is fortified by developmentally-appropriate learning and experiences starting at age 2 and culminating in Grade 8. The youngest children, ages 2 through 5, are steeped in a deep love for learning to foster independence and curiosity.  The oldest children, in Grades 6 – 8, participate in challenging academics within a safe, supportive community-based environment so necessary during the awkward teen years. During Grades 1 – 5, because of the excellent faculty and small class size, Green Hedges students thrive in this child-centered community because each child is known well. The Green Hedges program serves as an indispensable scaffolding, providing essential cultivation throughout each phase of the journey in pursuit of developing the graduate. 

Green Hedges graduates pursue more than professional success. They seek out opportunities to contribute to missions larger than themselves and offer their individual gifts through volunteer efforts within their community and throughout the world. Green Hedges graduates go on to excel in the best independent high schools and colleges and universities by contributing not only academic excellence, but also through depths of talent in extra-curricular pursuits, such as the arts and athletics, and continue to exhibit a strong sense of character and values.