High School Placement

At Green Hedges, we believe our 11 year journey, which starts in our Montessori preschool and continues in preparatory Grades 1 – 8, is the most effective way to prepare students for learning and life. Our graduates are independent, critical thinkers who are poised and knowledgeable about themselves and possess a strong sense of responsibility to the larger community. They enter high school as self-assured, confident freshmen who are ready to face the academic and social challenges ahead and advocate for themselves.

Schools Accepting our Recent Graduates

  • Baylor School
  • British School
  • Bullis School
  • Cate School
  • Connelly School of the Holy Child
  • Episcopal High School
  • The Field School
  • Flint Hill School
  • Foxcroft School
  • Garrison Forest School
  • Georgetown Day School
  • Georgetown Preparatory School
  • Gonzaga College High School
  • Holton-Arms School
  • Landon School

  • Maret School
  • Mercersburg Academy
  • National Cathedral School
  • Paul VI Catholic High School
  • Sidwell Friends School
  • St. Albans School
  • St. Andrews Episcopal School
  • St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School
  • The Hill School
  • The Madeira School
  • The Potomac School
  • The Wakefield School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
  • Washington International School
  • Woodberry Forest School

Throughout their final two years, students work closely with the Head of School and Middle School faculty to make the best choices for their futures. We view this search as a collaborative endeavor between school and home, and we work closely with our families to educate and inform them of the secondary school search process. Parents are supported in selecting the best school for their child as they take their place among generations of Green Hedges graduates, who have been accepted and thrive at some of the most prestigious secondary schools.

We offer an on-site preparation class for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) to familiarize them with the test and provide helpful tutoring regarding content and test-taking strategies. Our Head of School also conducts mock interviews with each Grade 8 student. As applications are hand-delivered at the various schools, our Head of School is in personal contact with the respective admission offices advocating for our students and supporting their candidacies.

They are very strict about things like cheating, and integrity and doing the right thing, and it's never taught in lessons. It's just part of how things are here. I mean I know when I moved on I thought of all that as common-sense stuff. It wasn't like 'Oh, I have to think about this.' It was a good moral compass that I had.


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