Compassion and Action after Hurricane Harvey

While we start every school year with the same enthusiasm and hopefulness of all that is to come, this year, we are very aware that many schools did not get off to the same positive start that we did. Our students, seeing and hearing about the challenges faced by students and their families in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, wanted to help. This week, many of them have put thoughts into compassion and action.

Our two Montessori classes came together to make and sell lemonade to our parents during afternoon pick up. The money raised will be used to purchase school supplies for Houston area schools. Driven by the students themselves, they juiced their own lemons and made the lemonade from scratch. It was a true example of the Montessori mindset in action—helping others and doing things carefully and well themselves.

Our Middle School is helping students impacted from Hurricane Harvey as well. They started a
collection drive last week to collect school supplies for students in Houston and mailed three
boxes worth of supplies to Houston over the weekend.

In just one week here at Green Hedges, we’ve seen two ideas put into action by our students
who understand that there are others in this country who need a helping hand. Sometimes we
wonder how young is too young to show children the impacts of natural disasters, but it can
often be a start of a conversation about how to help those in need.

A recent Washington Post article, Even kids can have a role in helping after natural disasters, is
a great resource for tangible things that parents and kids can do right away to help those in
need after a natural disaster, but it also gives examples of how to show compassion and
helpfulness in your own community.