Distance Learning Information

These guidelines provide an overview of the general principles the school will follow to provide academic continuity to our students and to stay connected as a community.

Teachers and students will utilize student iPads, PowerSchool/Haiku, and a variety of platforms, applications, and their spirit of ingenuity and resourcefulness to deliver instruction and dive into learning. Although students will not be “at” school, they will continue to be “in” school.


All faculty have received training in essential platforms and on an ongoing basis will determine the subject- and age-appropriate applications that they will utilize in their subject/classroom. Just as teachers prepare for online instruction with their students, they are planning activities that are off-line and unplugged as well as app-based. In addition to ensuring that we have access to and competence in using a range of technological tools, our priority is to establish a common set of guidelines for faculty and administrators so that the School, to the best degree possible, can deliver instruction and maintain continuity of our program while we are not physically on campus.

Technological Support:


Questions about grade-level or subject-specific learning:

Please reach out to your homeroom, subject, or specials teacher via email. Teachers are asked to reply to emails during the afternoon hours. We will be encouraging students and teachers to unplug at 4 p.m.

Rules to Live by When Traveling the Distance Learning Road:

  • Maintain our sense of community. Be kindhearted and be of good cheer
  • Extend grace all around; treat everyone as a new teacher and a new student
  • Respect personal boundaries: our time, our families, and our well-being matter
  • Observe the community unplugfest at break, lunch, and the end of the school day (4 p.m.)
  • Stick to what is familiar at first; incorporate new tools and skills as we go along
  • Keep things simple so we can keep things going
  • Support one another
  • Make room for play. And playfulness
  • Less is more — especially in terms of “homework”

School Roles and Responsibilities:

School Leadership

  • Establish clear communication channels to all constituencies
  • Provide ongoing updates to families and faculty/staff
  • Support all constituents in the academic continuity plan
  • Support teachers in implementing high-quality instruction and feedback in a distance learning model
  • Provide models and examples of strong distance learning units, lessons and projects
  • Be a model of flexibility, optimism, creativity, and openness

Classroom Teachers

  • Collaborate with other members of the team, as well as Specials teachers, to design daily distance learning experiences for students
  • Foster a sense of community and connectedness between and among students and families
  • Provide students/families with timely communication and feedback
  • Leverage technology to allow for personalized and differentiated learning
  • Be a model of flexibility, optimism, creativity, and openness
  • Check for student understanding through assigned and submitted written or online work. This will apply in varying degrees and through various methods depending on the grade level

Specials Teachers

  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to provide weekly learning opportunities for children at each grade level
  • Be mindful of and creative about the resources/tools families have in their home
  • Develop a bank of activities and projects for children to engage in
  • Provide students/families with timely communication and feedback
  • Be a model of flexibility, optimism, creativity, and openness