Alison Matthews

Alison Matthews

Science & Technology Integration Specialist

“I’m a bit of a thrill seeker,” says Alison Matthews, Grade 4-6 Science Teacher, and Technology Integration specialist, describing rollercoaster rides and the time she went skydiving for her birthday. “We bring our best selves to our students,” she continues, adding, “I bring my sense of excitement. When we’re happy and excited about learning, it radiates to the kids. Whether we’re dissecting an owl pellet, doing hands-on technology, or doing Python coding–discovery makes classrooms come alive.”

Ms. Matthews was born in New York and grew up in Northern Virginia, where she attended Flint Hill School. During her middle school years, her family moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where her mother taught Grade 2 in an independent school. “I learned to teach from the best teacher I know,” she says. After earning a B.A. in Communications from the University of Kentucky, a Master’s in Elementary Education from Eastern Kentucky University, and a Master’s in Instructional Computer Technology from Georgetown College in Kentucky, Ms. Matthews taught at independent schools in Northern Virginia and Lexington, KY, before moving back to Northern Virginia. She enjoys teaching at Green Hedges, where, she says, “It felt right from the very first day.”

When she is not teaching or skydiving, Ms. Matthews can be found cheering for the University of Kentucky basketball team, The Wildcats, and discovering trails with Bella, her Golden/Red Setter.

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