Bethany Douliery

Bethany Douliery

French – Lower and Middle School

“I like to impress on my students that language learning is a skill, and with enough interest, anyone can do it,” says Bethany Douliery, who teaches Grade 3 through 8 French at Green Hedges. “It’s a matter of taking advantage of opportunities,” she continues. Ms. Douliery began learning French as a Middle School student in upstate New York, where she grew up. During her last year of high school, she took advantage of an opportunity to travel and applied for a Rotary Exchange year abroad, which enabled her to live with a French family outside Strasbourg, France, while completing her high school education. “I could have been placed in any country around the world. It was fortunate that I was sent to France,” she reminisces.

Ms. Douliery holds a BA degree in French and Political Science from the State University of New York, Oswego. She has taught English as a Foreign Language for the French Ministry of Education in Paris, English as a Foreign Language in Luxembourg, and Pre-K though Grade 8 French at the Merritt Academy in Fairfax, VA. In all her teaching, Ms. Douliery aspires to impart to students her enthusiasm for languages, for communication, and for the importance of openness to new experiences.

An avid cook, reader of historical fiction, and tennis player, Ms. Douliery enjoys spending summers in France with her French husband, their children, and extended French family.

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