Caitilin Mulvey

Caitilin Mulvey

Studio Art

Painter, muralist, fabric artist, book illustrator, and participant in several other artistic media, Caitilin Mulvey always knew that she wanted to become an art teacher. Some of that certainty came from a strong personal connection to several of her own art teachers, and some of it from the satisfaction she remembers feeling as she supported fellow students in their artistic efforts while she was growing up. Although Mrs. Mulvey’s career ambitions during the early elementary school years included wanting to be a Disney animator, her interests soon shifted to the fine arts, where they have remained ever since.
Mrs. Mulvey grew up in Maine and later in Virginia, with parents who encouraged her artistic pursuits. Her mother, herself an artist, exposed the young Caitilin to the joy of creating. “Art is a personal journey,” remarks Mrs. Mulvey, explaining, “There is something cathartic about art. It is a way of coming into yourself. I want all my students to get personal insight and pleasure from it, to derive some of the benefits I’ve experienced. And,” she adds, “Art also helps magnify the impact of lessons across the curriculum.”

Mrs. Mulvey holds a BFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design and has taught all grades in art school and academic school settings. She enjoys the friendly atmosphere of Green Hedges and the fact that the school honors the arts, noting that the art room is a wonderful space for teaching and for art projects.

Outside the walls of Green Hedges, Mrs. Mulvey’s artwork graces area schools, restaurants, nurseries and model homes. She and her husband, who is a chef, have two children. Two of her favorite travel memories are backpacking in Western Europe for five months and spending time visiting family in Alaska.

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