Camille Hartshorn

Camille Hartshorn

Grade 4

Why did Grade 4 teacher Camille Hartshorn return to Green Hedges after a two-year hiatus meant to be a trial retirement? It’s simple. “I missed the kids,” she says, smiling.

During her previous stint at Green Hedges, Mrs. Hartshorn taught Middle School Humanities. Teaching the Grade 4 curriculum and meeting the developmental needs of younger students is exhilarating for her, a joy and challenge she finds irresistible. Her philosophy of teaching, to support each student’s unique path, is at the root of how she creates relationships with students. “I want to be a spark, a seed to their courage in learning,” she says. I want them to get the message, “You can do this!”

Mrs. Hartshorn holds a BA in Literature, with a Minor in History, from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama; a TESOL Certificate from Trinity College in the UK; and a Certificate from Columbia University’s Teachers College in the Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Curriculum. The classroom atmosphere she creates is informed by her experience as a Registered Yoga Teacher and by her dedication to both the academic subjects she teaches and to children’s unfolding. “I tune into what’s happening in the room, and shift it as necessary. We take outdoor ‘brain breaks’ when they need them, and attend to moments when someone comes in upset,” she says. The groundwork for learning is created in daily interactions: “I read them novels that speak to them, that offer perspectives on different ways of coming at problems, and are applicable to everything from math to daily life.”

Mrs. Hartshorn and her husband have two children, a Russell Terrier, and a Maine Coon cat. She has lived abroad for much of her adult life in the U.K., Hong Kong, and China, and enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, and practicing yoga.

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