Camille Hartshorn

Camille Hartshorn

Middle School Humanities

“I love a good story,” says Camille Hartshorn, Grade 7 Humanities teacher, tracing her love of English Literature and History, which were her major and minor in college, respectively, to the way each of these subjects is comprised of stories. Mrs. Hartshorn’s own life reads like an adventure story, as well. After receiving a BA from Auburn University, Alabama, Mrs.Hartshorn spent four years in China, where she taught English as a Second Language to children and adults. Having discovered her love of teaching while overseas, she went on to earn a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) degree while living in England for eight years, and later brought her personal interest in yoga to classrooms as a registered yoga teacher trained in teaching yoga to children, teens, and adults.

More recently, Mrs. Hartshorn taught Middle School English Literature and other subjects for seven years at Browne Academy in Alexandria. While there, she introduced her classes to the Lucy Caulkins Reading and Writing Curriculum, an effective approach to reading and writing development in which she was certified at Columbia University’s Teachers College. At Green Hedges she has found “my perfect job,” she says. She devotes herself to getting to know her students well enough to support each one’s unique path, saying, “Students need to feel safe, and yet challenged. It’s finding the individual balance of those qualities that helps each person thrive.”

Mrs. Hartshorn is an avid participant in outdoor activities, and, as her history attests, she loves traveling.

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