Celia Kelly

Celia Kelly

Middle School Humanities & Latin

Middle School Latin and Grade 7 Humanities teacher Celia Kelly loves the ancient world, with its languages and wisdom, in the same way an aerialist might love the thrill of the trapeze, for the unique overview it offers and the disciplined attention it rewards. Accordingly, Ms. Kelly earned a BA in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Linguistics from Boston University, and an MAT degree in teaching Latin and Classical Humanities from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she served as Latin instructor and Teaching Assistant in Greek Myth and Civilization courses. She taught Middle School Latin and Greek and Roman history at Highland School in Warrenton, VA, where she also led extracurricular activities and served as a peer mentor.

Ms. Kelly has been steeped in teaching since her earliest days.  Ms. Kelly helped her mother, a long time middle school math teacher, set up her classroom in the summer, and worked at summer camps and in other youth programs. She had an outstanding high school teacher who taught Latin, French, history, and ancient myths.  The experience ignited Ms. Kelly’s early enthusiasm into a lifelong love for her subjects and for the teaching profession.  In recent years, Ms. Kelly has been a member, and subsequently an organizer, of Rusticatio, a Latin immersion program for adults in the West Virginia countryside.  Her teaching methodology is based on the Comprehensible Input method, which teaches language experientially and focuses on giving students spoken and written messages that they understand in the target language.  For content, she often turns to ancient myths, because, she says, “Myths help us have deeper conversations about being human.”  Her students consider morality, rules, and the dilemmas of relationship while they learn Latin and Humanities and grapple with values and identity in adolescence.

Ms. Kelly is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest American academic honor society.  She is also an aerialist.

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