Chuck Adams

Chuck Adams


Some younger Green Hedges students believe that Business Office Assistant Chuck Adams has superpowers, and that’s understandable: if you’re a student and he knows your grade, give him your first name and Mr. Adams knows your last name, and even your siblings’ names, if they’re at Green Hedges! The seeming magic by Mr. Adams happens because he is responsible for student billing. “My name is on the bottom right hand corner of every invoice and statement; everyone knows how to get in touch with me,” he says. Additionally, Mr. Adams manages purchase orders and accounts payable, which puts him in regular contact with all members of the faculty and staff. He also participates in audit reviews. The school is small enough, and he has been here long enough, that even if he does not know everyone on sight, he does know everyone.

Mr. Adams arrived at Green Hedges in 2008 and has worked part-time in the business office since, taking two years off as a homeschooling parent. In addition to his other duties, he assists with transportation for the athletics program and works at the reception desk.

After earning an AA degree from Ferrum College in Ferrum, VA, Mr. Adams took course work specializing in accounting at several Virginia colleges and universities, including James Madison University. He has worked in inventory control and accounting, and launched a business venture with friends early in his career.

Mr. Adams has a keen interest in history, and has played football, baseball, and basketball. He is the proud father of two young adults, Rachel and Steven, and coached Steven’s varsity baseball team for four years. Chuck and his wife Stephenie can be found at a CrossFit gym most mornings at 5:45 a.m.

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