Corey Ingham

Corey Ingham

Montessori Assistant

When she arrived at Green Hedges in 2015, Corey Ingham, Montessori Assistant, brought with her a rich history of relating to children and encouraging their growth. Being the oldest of five siblings gave her ample experience in this regard, and she had honed her professional skills while working in Prince William County Public Schools’ School Age Child Care program. What she found at Green Hedges, she says, is “an atmosphere of respect and learning,” a welcoming place committed to the growth of all community members, adults and children alike. She shares herself generously with colleagues, students, and parents, and being a role model comes naturally to her. “The kids watch me grow as I watch them grow,” she explains, capturing in these few words her personal and educational philosophy.

Her interest in child development has led her to enter college as a student of child psychology. “My goal,” she says, “is to get to know the kids better, to understand their needs more clearly, and to be a better educator.”

Ms. Ingham enjoys hiking, a relatively new pursuit.

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