Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly

Middle School & GHS Jazz Bands

Music Grades 3-8

Band and Performing Arts Teacher Dan Connoly started playing percussion when he was in Middle School. His understanding parents gave over the basement to their son and to their daughter, who was studying the trumpet. By the time he was in high school, the young Mr. Connolly was participating in a music group and by college he discovered that he loved teaching music to others. “I wanted to make sure that my passion for music gets passed on,” he says, remembering that when he first visited the campus of his alma mater. the University of Minnesota, Morris, he happened to walk by a rehearsal hall and thought, “I want to be able to sound like that.” That institution has an outstanding jazz band that travels worldwide. After earning his BA in Instrumental Music Education from the University, Mr. Connolly served as Band Director for Minnesota Public Schools and subsequently taught at Norwood School and Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Maryland.

Mr. Connolly teaches music to Grades 3,4, and 5, Concert Band to Grades 4 and up, and Jazz Band to Middle School students. In all these contexts, he applies his philosophy of teaching: “We form a strong foundation for music, then build on that to create our art. It’s about joy and expression, not just about scales.”

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