Faezeh Ashkan

Faezeh Ashkan

Montessori Directress

For Montessori Directress Faezeh Ashkan, teaching and learning are joyfully intertwined. “Teaching is a never-ending education,” she says, “because the Montessori Method offers a framework for addressing the unique characteristics of each child.” Ms. Ashkan embraces each aspect of children’s development, seeing her work as “guiding young children through everything, from zipping jackets to becoming young readers.”

Thinking back on her own childhood in Iran, Ms. Ashkan remembers being an energetic child who loved to learn and who learned easily until encountering Geometry. At that crossroads, a teacher supported her so beautifully that she not only learned how to improve in this area of mathematics, she also learned, as she puts it, “to believe in myself, to have a new sense of myself as someone with a lot of potential.” That insight about learning illuminates her teaching, and her worldview.

After studies and a career in Agriculture Engineering, Ms. Ashkan received a Master’s Degree in Education from the Baha’I Institute for Higher Education in Iran. Her family came to the United States in 2003, when she fell in love with the Montessori Method. She received Early Childhood Teacher Certification from the American Montessori Society and had 14 years of Montessori experience before coming to Green Hedges.

Ms. Ashkan has two accomplished young adult sons and spends her leisure time doing oil painting, dried flower collage, and embroidery. She also practices and instructs yoga.

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