Heidi Warrington

Heidi Warrington

Middle School Mathematics

“We have the expectation that all students will achieve proficiency in reading, yet in math, there is the unspoken notion that some students are capable and others aren’t,” says Middle School Mathematics teacher Heidi Warrington, who aims to create a classroom environment where, in her words, “all students are encouraged to bring their creativity to problem solving and begin to see themselves as mathematicians.” Mrs. Warrington comes from a family of teachers and mathematicians, and the vision of math learning she holds for students is one that she experienced growing up.

After earning a B.A. in Economics and Government from Georgetown University, Mrs. Warrington earned an M.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics from George Mason University. She has taught Grade 6 math through pre-calculus to students with learning exceptionalities, served in leadership roles coordinating mathematics instruction, and created customized learning environments for students at home and online. Her expansive view of mathematics is matched by her sensitivity to middle school students as individuals. “Students at this age often want more input from their teachers than they overtly ask for,” she says. Reflecting on the importance of school relationships in the lives of students, she adds, “They need trusted adults speaking into their lives, people who can connect with them personally.”

Getting to know students personally enables Mrs. Warrington to assess their instructional needs and learning styles, adapting her teaching to facilitate their progress. She enjoys designing math curriculum content in a way that guides the instruction, saying that this comes more easily in a small school where diversity is valued, and where, “We can really meet the students where they’re at.” Another thing she appreciates about a small school: “I love having colleagues who can speak in depth about each student as a whole person, and parents who are involved.”

During her leisure time, Mrs. Warrington loves hiking, biking, kayaking, and canoeing. She and her husband have two adult daughters, and they share a longstanding weekly tradition of making pizza together.

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