Jacquie Ingersoll

Jacquie Ingersoll

Grade 2

Years of experience in classrooms with students of different ages have inclined Grade 2 teacher Jacquie Ingersoll to appreciate the characteristics of each developmental stage.  “I love the freshness of their new discoveries and the sophistication of their later skills,” she says, explaining what she enjoys about different age groups.

Ms. Ingersoll has been interested in education since her childhood, when she often took the role of teacher toward her two younger siblings and her cousins.  As a student, she benefited from talented teachers whose approaches matched her changing academic and personal needs in different ways over time.  Applying this perspective to teaching students of different temperaments and learning styles Ms. Ingersoll says, “I try to be what each student needs.”  She feels at home in Grade 1 at Green Hedges, where she had previously taught as a substitute teacher.

Ms. Ingersoll majored in Early Childhood Education at the State University of New York and received a Master’s of Education from the University of Georgia, where she trained in reading methods that emphasize a multi-sensory approach.  She served as a substitute and long-term substitute at several schools in New York and Georgia before moving to this area.

An ardent fan of the Buffalo Bills, Ms. Ingersoll has always been interested in sports and athletics.  She loves hiking with her fiancé, Josh, and their dog, Scout, named after the brave, inquisitive character in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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