Julie Erickson

Julie Erickson

Pre-K – Grade 2 Music & Performing Arts

“It’s the light bulb moments, when I see their face light up and their confidence ignite,” says Pre-K-Grade 2 Music and Middle School Performing Arts teacher Julie Erickson, describing what fuels her enthusiasm for teaching.  You might say that she was born to it.  With two brothers in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a father whose singing led to an invitation on the Lawrence Welk show, and a mother who received awards for her history teaching, Ms. Erickson grew up surrounded by the intertwined joys of music, performance, and teaching.  She is the youngest of five siblings, all involved in music and performing arts, and had her fist solo in church at age three.

After taking ballet, jazz, and tap dance lessons in early adolescence, Ms. Erikson began performing, choreographing, and teaching in the world of musical theater. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where she majored in History and focused on K-12 Physical Education, Dance Instruction, and Choir. She taught dance and singing to elementary and middle school aged students and led, choreographed, and directed musical productions for over a decade.  As a result of her success directing youth choirs for children ages 3 – 17, she was sought out as a trainer for aspiring choral directors.  At Green Hedges, Ms. Erickson loves the chance to work with the broad range of performing arts, saying, “Once students experience the excitement and success, the benefits and self assurance last a lifetime.”

When she is not teaching, Ms. Erickson enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband and seven children.

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