Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter

Reading Specialist

From the perspective of 30 years of teaching, Grade 1 Co-Teacher Karen Hunter continues to be impressed by the intellectual capacity of her students.  She says, “I have been amazed at the ability of young children to grasp complex ideas in the fields of geography, botany, and zoology, along with reading and mathematics.”  Mrs. Hunter was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, into a family steeped in the academic life.  Her parents nurtured her enjoyment of learning, and from young adulthood she found satisfaction in nurturing other youngsters just beginning their journeys of discovery and growth.

Mrs. Hunter began her career as a reading teacher in a school that emphasized the arts.  There, she specialized in using a sound-based system called phonics, along with movement-based, kinesthetic methods of supporting young readers.  Soon after retiring from that work in 2005, Mrs. Hunter became interested in the Montessori approach to education, which she explains as a natural next step for someone steeped in using concrete materials and movement as tools for facilitating abstract thinking.  After moving from Louisiana to Dallas, Texas, she obtained her AMS Montessori Certification and took up this new direction in her teaching.

A move to Northern Virginia in 2015 resulted in Mrs. Hunter’s discovery of Green Hedges, which she describes as a “truly family friendly community where each child is personally known by all teachers and administrative staff.”  Her description rings true as a recognition of qualities valued at the School, ones that reflect Mrs. Hunter’s own abiding values.  Summing up this concordance, Mrs. Hunter says, “I continually enjoy discovering the uniqueness and genius in every child I work with.”

An avid traveler and lifelong learner, Mrs. Hunter has recently started studying Chinese with her husband of 45 years.  Together they have two children and four grandchildren.

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