Lisa Pence

Lisa Pence

Assistant Head of School

With over 30 years’ work in independent schools around Washington, DC and most recently in North Carolina, Assistant Head of School Lisa Pence hearkens back to her own childhood as she describes some life themes important to students: “We learned self-reliance and independence, and how to be flexible in order to get along with people different than ourselves,” she says, describing growing up on Long Island and spending lots of time outdoors with six siblings and their friends.

The young Lisa attended a small school that provided challenging academics within a closely-knit community, an experience that imbued her with a lifelong sense of joy in learning — and in school. From her 10th grade through senior year of high school, Mrs. Pence attended boarding school, where she was a member of the first cohort of girls admitted to what had until then been a boys’ school. One of her primary activities was playing guitar and singing in a rock and roll band, a talent she would continue using years later with her brothers. As an undergraduate at Harvard, she chose to major in Early European History “because that’s where some of the best teachers were, and I would be starting from scratch as far as the content was concerned.”

Over the course of her career thus far, Mrs. Pence has served as an athletic director, college counselor, coach, teacher, and senior-level administrator. In 2014, she received a Master’s in Leadership from Georgetown University, a program she found relevant, practical, challenging, and engaging, and that included an on-site team project in Johannesburg.

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