Maria Paz Castillo

Maria Paz Castillo

Middle School Spanish & Humanities

As Middle School Spanish and Grade 6 Humanities teacher Maria Paz Castillo describes how she experiences teaching, she makes a gesture that begins with hands closing above and a little behind one side of her head, and slowly, as if revealing a gift, ends with her hands coming forward and down, and opening. “I have always enjoyed reading, and have had an interest in literature and history,” she says, explaining that what she herself loves to learn about is what she then strives to transform into something meaningful and enjoyable for her students.

Ms. Castillo holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago, Chile, where she grew up. While in college, she became fascinated with educational methods that enabled her to take complex ideas and make them accessible to others. Soon she began teaching in an urban school that combined strong academic leadership with family engagement to help students excel. There, she taught history, language arts, literature, and grammar. Later, Ms. Castillo served as the Humanities Department Chair at the British Royal School in Santiago, focusing on Philosophy, Spanish, and History.

Ms. Castillo recently moved to the DC area, where her husband is pursuing PhD studies at Georgetown University. She taught Spanish at Capitol Language Services in Washington, DC until joining Green Hedges, where, she says, she enjoys the atmosphere of kindness and support.

Outside the classroom, Ms. Castillo loves physical activity, including boxing, running, and swimming.

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