Matt Fisher

Matthew Fisher

Middle School Mathematics & Grades 7-8 Science

Matt Fisher, Math and Grades 7-8 Science teacher, has always been fascinated by the learning process. As a youngster he taught himself the computer programming language BASIC by reading about it. He has devoted himself to the piano, and recently become interested in trees. “I have enjoyed pursuing a variety of interests and, through that process, discovering how to learn,” he says, adding that finding connections between subject areas has also been a passion. Mr. Fisher discovered the joy of sharing his excitement for various subject areas, and for the learning process itself, during his first teaching assignment at Fayetteville Academy in North Carolina, where he taught AP European History and other history courses. The son of two educators, he set upon his own teaching career. He has taught History, Math, Science, Music, and PE at Mater Dei School in Bethesda, Maryland, and piano in Montgomery County.

Mr. Fisher is a graduate of Princeton University, NJ (BA, Philosophy), where he also wrestled. Finding Green Hedges to carry some echoes of ancient Athens in its regard for knowledge, wisdom, and character, he delights in engaging students in the ongoing discovery that is the learning process, and in helping other teachers integrate technology into their classroom teaching.

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