Perry Edsall

Perry Edsall

Physical Education

Undeniably, Perry Edsall loves sports. His childhood memories include Pee Wee League soccer, followed by high school wrestling, and after that, surfing, mountain biking, and extreme snowboarding. Rock climbing? Yes. Juggling? Why not? His enthusiasm is infectious. “Even the youngest students can learn to juggle,” he says, “if you start with balled up grocery bags that slow the process down. It helps their eye hand coordination.”

Mr. Edsall, who likes to point out that his initials are P.E., teaches all grades at Green Hedges, and coaches the Middle School Dragons Soccer, Cross Country, Tennis, and Basketball teams with the help of an assistant coach.

“What I love about private schools,” says Perry Edsall, “is that I can work with small groups of students, get to know them individually, and have good communication with parents and the other teachers.” Mr. Edsall’s own education included some Northern Virginia private schools, and he graduated from George Mason University with specializations in teaching PE and Health. His teaching style dovetails with the Green Hedges emphasis on building fine and gross motor skills for all students in the context of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

An avid carpenter, Mr. Edsall single handedly remodeled his house in Florida twice, once just before, and once just after, the effects of Hurricane Wilma. He looks forward to guiding Green Hedges students to explore the joys of being in motion.

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