Rendell Williams

Rendell Williams

Physical Education & Athletics Coordinator

A graduate of St. John’s University with a B.S. in Sports Management, Mr. Williams has taught and coached at a number of area independent schools, including the Potomac School, Georgetown Prep, and Paul VI High School. When he came to Green Hedges, he recognized the sense of community that was such an important part of his own upbringing. Here, he enjoys having an impact on younger students by helping them overcome what he calls “thought hurdles,” thus teaching life lessons through sports.

A collegiate student-athlete with many years of experience teaching and coaching sports to students of early elementary age through high school and collegiate leagues, Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Coordinator Rendell Williams never loses sight of what is most important. “It took a lot of people with a lot of time invested in me to help get me where I am,” he says, “and it feels right to turn around and give that attention and support to today’s youngsters.”

Mr. Williams grew up in a household that was the center of nurturance and guidance to many of his peers. His father was a coach, and his mother a daycare provider by vocation. Separately and together, they inculcated qualities of hopefulness and industriousness in the community of youngsters that functioned, and in many ways still functions, as an extended family. Carrying the message of his childhood forward has become Mr. Williams’ own vocation. “My biggest message is ‘try,’” says Mr. Williams. “You may get something out of it. If you think you can’t do something, you’re right–but if you try, you may surprise yourself! Trust your failures because valuable lessons are learned in what may seem like an unfortunate process.” And, explaining his goal of rooting students in their deepest aspirations, he adds, “I like to encourage them by asking, ‘What’s your why?’”

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