Robin Moroney

Robin Moroney

Grade 2 Assistant

Confronting the obstacles we encounter is an inevitable part of life, but for Grade 2 Assistant Robin Moroney, it is a joy she seeks out, a sport, and something she has turned into a family activity. For the past six years, Ms. Robin, as she likes to be called in the classroom, and her family have avidly participated in obstacle course competitions, including the Spartan Races that draw national attention for their varied, complex, and sometimes aquatic terrain.

This appetite for vital involvement and challenge has served Mrs. Moroney well while parenting four sons and getting involved in their schools on the PTA Board, in the library, as room parent, and as lacrosse coach and team mom over the years. At Green Hedges, where her youngest son, now in Middle School, has been a student since his Montessori days, she became a “lunch lady” supporting teachers, a devoted helper in the Library, and a substitute teacher. After serving as a long-term substitute in Grade 4, she has happily found her place as part of the teaching team in Grade 2.

Describing how she views her new position, Mrs. Moroney says, “I am adaptable and my aim is to use that skill to make the lead teacher’s life easier.” Reflecting on the students, Mrs. Moroney expresses interest in the social-emotional development of children within the community of the classroom. This interest, too, has its roots in her parenting.  “Our house has been a place for the kids’ friends to gather,” she says, adding that family dinners are a team effort for which the boys make the main dish, sides, and dessert.

Mrs. Moroney grew up in this area and cherishes having family close by. She enjoys taking cultural, adventurous family trips—ask her about the helicopter tour of Baltimore, and the trip to NYC to see The Lion King! And, as she honors all her other commitments, she makes time for training, preparing for more obstacle races ahead.

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