Sarah Foote

Sarah Foote

Learning Specialist

Although Sarah Foote’s position title is Learning Specialist, she thinks that title belongs to all Green Hedges teachers, and describes herself as a “bonus” learning specialist, a person teachers, parents, and students can call upon when they want extra support in devising learning strategies to fit particular situations. Ms. Foote consults with adults (parents and teachers) and also meets with students one on one, responding to direct requests from each group.

“I have a sign in my room that says, “YET,” says Ms. Foote, explaining that the variety of possible approaches to learning is so great that success is always within reach, adding that phrases such as, “I can’t…” or, “I don’t understand…” need to be completed with that all-important word.

Ms. Foote’s interest in learning is long-standing. The oldest of six children, she babysat, tutored, and coached swimming during her formative years. She has always loved being with children, and loves the learning process. “I want kids to feel good about learning,” she says.

After graduating with a degree in Political Science from the College of William and Mary, Ms. Foote earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Gifted Education from the University of Virginia. She has 25 years of experience teaching children and young adults, including serving as Lead Teacher and Intervention Specialist.

A devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga, Ms. Foote also enjoys running and reading. Her three sons benefit from her baking skills, which are inspired by The Great British Bake Off.

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