Syamala Chenulu

Syamala Chenulu

Middle School Mathematics

Mrs. Syamala Chenulu possesses that rare combination of qualities: the incisive intellect of a scientist, and the compassionate understanding of an educator. These traits have enabled her to draw students into the wonder world of mathematical logic and creativity. She credits her mother Mrs. A. Lalitha, the first woman electrical engineer in India, for these qualities. Athletics and sports have also been part of Mrs. Chenulu’s background. As a tennis player, she represented the Indian Railways at the state and national levels. Additionally, she led basketball teams at her college, as well as participating in athletics. After earning two degrees in Science and Education in India, she taught in that country for thirty years.

Aside from teaching, Mrs. Chenulu was a Commissioner of Girl Guides (the Indian equivalent of Girl Scouts) in India for thirty years, and an International Commissioner of Girl Guides for a further six years. She also offered her services as a volunteer to many charitable organizations, the most renowned of which was Mother Teresa’s rehabilitation center for people cured of Hansen’s disease.

In 1994 Mrs. Chenulu moved to the US where she taught mathematics at several schools in the DC area before joining Green Hedges eight years ago. Her husband, himself a scientist, has taken to writing memoirs in his retired life. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Chenulu’s grown children are also scientists. As the doting grandmother of two, she brings that warmth to her classroom, where she allows math to come to life for her students.

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