Urmila Oberoi

Urmila Oberoi

Director of Communications

Urmila Oberoi’s vocational path has been built around her personal passions, which include journalism and writing; supporting the educational process; and helping to improve living conditions for vulnerable populations. With a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an M.S. from George Mason University in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, she has written for a large number of organizations and publications, including the National Education Association and Teacher Magazine. Mrs. Oberoi has also been involved with campaigns to raise awareness of domestic violence, and for seven years served as Director of Development & Communications at the Virginia Poverty Law Center in Richmond, where she managed all aspects of development work.

Growing up in an extended family that valued learning and emphasized the importance of reading and writing was an important part of Mrs. Oberoi’s childhood. Her paternal grandfather introduced her to the English classics and to Shakespeare. In time, she says, ” he became my biggest fan.” A high school journalism teacher was another significant influence on her personal and professional development, inspiring her to take risks in learning and in applying her growing skills.

From the moment she arrived on campus and saw students rehearsing the traditional Maypole Dance, Mrs. Oberoi has seen Green Hedges as a place compatible with what she most values about education. She says that the school is “a place that supports the best combination of joy and intellectual curiosity, where there is a lot of activity and at the same time a sense of calm.”

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