Vida Vahdat

Vida Vahdat

Montessori Assistant

Important themes of continuity weave themselves in Montessori Assistant Vida Vahdat’s life through years lived on two continents and in different cultures. Born and raised in Iran, where her religious identity severely curtailed opportunities to learn and teach, she nevertheless followed a life path dedicated to education. Despite dangers and severe restrictions, she pursued her goals, secretly participating in advanced studies at the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education, and, thanks to her talents, becoming a sought-after “private teacher.”

After her family, which by then included a husband and two daughters, emigrated to the United States, Ms. Vahdat spent some years helping establish a family business in this country. Then, after rededicating herself to advanced coursework in business and education, she returned full circle to her life as an educator, finding a philosophical home in the Montessori method.

Ms. Vahdat found in the Montessori method a respectful, affirming attitude toward even the youngest students, a perspective compatible with the world-view that underpins the spiritual tradition in which she was raised. Poetically describing her aspiration as “planting seeds of peace in children’s hearts,” Ms. Vahdat explains that children, who start life without an inner narrative voice, assemble their internal dialogue, at least in part, from how the important adults in their lives interact with them. The goal is helping children develop through positive interactions and growing competence.

Ms. Vahdat comes to Green Hedges with over ten years of experience in various educational settings, most recently as Assistant Toddler Teacher at Loudoun Montessori School. The proud mother of two young adult daughters following their own advanced studies and career paths, she enjoys spending time hiking, biking, and boating with her husband and their friends.

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