Green Hedges School Celebrates 75th Anniversary


Debbi Mayster
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Vienna, VA School Commemorates its Visionary Founders, Francis and Kenton Kilmer, with Festivities Scheduled on September 26

(Vienna, VA – Wednesday, September 7, 2016) – Green Hedges School (, a co-ed independent school that educates children ages 3 through Grade 8, is pleased to commemorate its 75th anniversary with a celebration at the school on Monday, September 26th.

Located in the historic Windover Heights residential neighborhood of Vienna, VA, Green Hedges is currently home to nearly 190 students and provides a robust, comprehensive curriculum enriched with outstanding experiences and character development.

“For 75 years, Green Hedges has remained true to the principles of our founders, Frances and Kenton Kilmer,” said Mr. Robert Gregg III, GHS’ Head of School. “We continue to hold our students to the highest standards for academic excellence and emphasize core academic subjects, world languages, the arts, leadership and athletics. We chose Living the Legacy, Building the Future as the theme for this celebration, because it embodies these founding principles.”

Founded in 1942, the school was originally housed in the Kilmer’s family residence, located on 16th Street in Arlington, VA. The school outgrew its modest facilities and in 1955, the Kilmer family moved Green Hedges to its current location in Vienna. Decades before it was commonplace, the Kilmers provided a visionary academic program that incorporated math, science, reading, history, the arts (including the performing arts), foreign languages and organizational skills all while focused on developing students of strong character and kindness. That vision and spirit are as alive today as when the Kilmers first opened the doors to Green Hedges in 1942.
A highlight of the morning’s activities will be the planting of a pear tree to commemorate the school’s early tradition of making pear butter using pears from the pear trees growing on campus. The noted First Baptist Church of Vienna Choir will be featured and will perform a piece in memory of the Kilmers who played a leadership role in Vienna during the country’s civil rights movement. Joining the Head of School to share remarks will be:

  • The Town of Vienna Mayor Laurie A. DiRocco – Mayor DiRocco will introduce the Town Of Vienna Proclamation in Recognition of 75th Anniversary of Green Hedges School
  • Fairfax County Supervisor Cathy Hudgins, Hunter Mill District – Supervisor Hudgins will present the Fairfax County Proclamation in Recognition of 75th Anniversary of Green Hedges School
  • Mrs. Carolyn Brandon, Vice Chair, GHS Board of Trustees, Chair of the GHS 75th Anniversary Committee
  • Green Hedges current students
  • Mrs. Rene Wilkinson, Chair, GHS Board of Trustees

The program begins at 8:15 am and concludes at 9:00 am. Refreshments will be served immediately following.
“Nowhere in northern Virginia will you find a school more perfect than Green Hedges when it comes to educating young minds and shaping strong character,” said Carolyn Brandon, Vice Chair, GHS Board of Trustees and Chair of the GHS 75th Anniversary Committee. “By planting this pear tree, we remind ourselves of the deep roots that the Kilmers gave to Green Hedges and its graduates which continue to nurture new generations of students and citizens of the world.”

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About Green Hedges School:

For 75 years, Green Hedges School has raised children who raise their hands—curious, engaged, and excited students who enjoy learning from our challenging, complete liberal arts program. We encourage their thought-provoking questions and foster their growing confidence, creativity, and character as they transition from Montessori to our preparatory grades 1-8, providing the right way to learn at the right age. Believing that young students should exercise every part of their brain and every educational muscle, we take every subject seriously. Our small size lets us understand each student, welcome and partner with each family, and provide all with opportunities that lead to big, lasting benefits. A Green Hedges education builds strong roots from which broadened minds and bright futures grow. For more information, please visit us at

Green Hedges is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS), affiliated with the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington (AISGW), a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and a member of the American Montessori Society.