Navigating the Secondary School Process at Green Hedges School

Ms. Bohnen conducting a mock interview with a Grade 8 student.

Our graduating Grade 8 class is hard at work completing applications and interviewing for secondary schools. Their hard work in and out of the classroom has led to the excitement of contemplating which of their acceptances will constitute the best fit for their high school years.

Given the rich array of secondary school options in our area, finding the right next school can seem an overwhelming task. However, when our students (and their parents) start looking into secondary schools they aren’t going it alone. They collaborate closely with Ms. Bohnen, our Head of School, throughout the journey, so that when it comes time to apply to schools in their final year at Green Hedges, they know what type of school will be the right fit for them.

At GHS, the secondary school process begins with a breakfast in December for our Grade 7 students and parents. They are given an overview of both the application process and the support they will receive over the next year and a half. Ms. Bohnen always invites a representative from one of the independent schools in the area. This year, we were fortunate to welcome the Director of Admission at the Potomac School, Carson Roy, who provided our students with valuable tips such as how to approach and interact with secondary school representatives and how to conduct yourself on a tour.

There is regular communication between Green Hedges, the parents, and students during the application process. Family interviews help translate the broad experiences our students have at GHS into what they want in a secondary school. Ms. Bohnen’s deep knowledge of the secondary school world helps them create a list of schools to visit.

By the time our students start visiting secondary schools, they are already well versed in speaking confidently with teachers and other adults. Mock interviews conducted by Ms. Bohnen prepare our Grade 8 for their visits to prospective schools. On-site preparation for the SSAT helps ensure they are ready for the standardized testing required by the secondary schools.

Faculty members and Ms. Bohnen write personal letters of recommendation which are included in the student’s application packet for each school. Finally, Ms. Bohnen personally speaks to the schools to which the students apply and is in personal contact with the respective admission offices, constantly advocating for our students and supporting their candidacies.

The Green Hedges secondary school process is one of collaboration and preparation amongst our Head of School, faculty, parents and students. We are fortunate to have a community that understands that choosing a high school should be done through a process that ensures that our graduating students go on to a school where they will thrive.