Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

As parent-teacher conferences approach, we want to express our gratitude to our teachers and parents alike for guiding our students both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers have been hard at work preparing to have conversations with each of our parents about the first few weeks of the school year and we are grateful for this opportunity to speak with you one on one. Communication is a key strength of our community and parent-teacher conferences are just one of many opportunities throughout the year that we look forward to conversing with you.

For some, it is your first parent-teacher conference ever, as with many of our Montessori parents. For parents of students in our lower school, a new school year brings new teachers, new expectations, developmental milestones, and challenges. For middle school parents, the conferences are more of a dialogue about how your child is performing and adjusting to learning from several teachers.

At Green Hedges, our students learn from excellent, caring teachers and have supportive, understanding parents. We set aside this time to make sure we are all working towards shared goals for your child.

Here are some thoughts on making the most of your parent-teacher conference:

  • Listen. Listen actively, and let the teacher guide the conversation. The insights they have to share stem from their daily interaction with their students as individuals.
  • Give and take. Conferences are a productive, cooperative exchange of information. These are essential conversations that help deepen the shared commitment to each child’s personal growth, cognitive development, and joy in learning.
  • Tell us about your child. Although time is limited, describe what they’re like at home, what interests and excites them, and explain any issues at home that may be affecting your child at school.
  • Check-in with your child. Sometimes, talking to your child in advance of the meeting, you can ask more specific questions about his or her grades, behavior or performance in certain classes.
  • Teachers are on your side. Be open to your teacher’s answers, suggestions and recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

Remember, a parent-teacher conference is just one check-in of your child’s progress. Throughout the year, our teachers are always willing to take an opportunity to sit down with you to discuss any issues that may arise.