Reopening 2020 – 2021

As we prepare for reopening Green Hedges this Fall, one of the things we most appreciate about Green Hedges School is the freedom we are afforded as an independent school to make educational decisions that are in the best interest of teaching and learning. We can be agile in difficult times. We can quickly offer new programs and update approaches that are outdated or no longer effective. On a curricular level, our highly trained teachers have great freedom and flexibility to enhance core coursework. We have far more freedom to enact change and be not just responsive, but proactive. That is one reason why the faculty and administration were able to move to Distance Learning so effectively as we anticipated the arrival of COVID-19 this Spring.

Right now we, as a School, are definitely in the midst of scenario planning, but we plan to reopen in-person this September. Green Hedges School has convened a School Reopening Task Force, led by our Head of School Jenn Bohnen, to discuss reopening scenarios. The Task Force is comprised of Trustees, faculty, staff, and School Administration. Members serve on subcommittees that include Academic Program, Budget & Facilities, and Safety & Risk Mitigation.

There are things we know, and there are still things we don’t about COVID-19. Like other institutions, GHS will be guided by state and local health and governmental authorities. Most important, we are committed to safety and learning. We are committed to sustaining a school with a long tradition and to preserving our GHS culture.

Reopening 2020 -2021 Webinar (Access Password: 3U$a4^L5)