Screenagers at Green Hedges

Join us on Wednesday, February 1 at 6:00PM for “Screenagers”

At Green Hedges, students of all ages use iPads along with paper and pencil as they learn.  These children receive instruction on how to implement technology to assist them in their assignments.  Equally important is the teaching and support we provide on appropriate use of the same technology.  Appropriate use and what that means for school-issued email addresses and technology is discussed with each student, who signs an agreement to follow these rules.  For personal devices, GHS helps students make good decisions about them, as well.  For example, students are allowed to have a smartphone with them at school, but these devices stay in their locker until a free period or after school is dismissed.  This reinforces the idea that their focus should stay on their classes and studies during the school day.

Every new advance in communications and technology challenges parents as they try to grow healthy, happy, and technologically adept children. And every year devices get smaller, more powerful and invaluable to a range of activities–everything from exercising to reading and school work.

How do you limit Screen Time when almost everything your child does seems to require a screen?

Dr. Delaney Ruston struggled with this dilemma with her own children and in her journey to find answers produced the movie Screenagers. The movie examines the many ways, positive and negative, technology may impact children and their developing brains. It not only offers up a variety of ways to help our children moderate their screen time it also gives families tools to open up discussions about the use of technology with their children.

Families find these discussions easier to launch when they watch Screenagers together. And so the Green Hedges PTO decided to fund this opportunity for our families and our community. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Psychiatrist Catherine McCarthy, MD who has appeared on television news and contributed to articles in popular magazines where she has discussed issues regarding child and adolescent mental health.