Tips for a Smooth Re-entry to School

Most parents employ some preparation and tactics in late August to get their children rested and ready for back to school. The same mindset may be helpful after two weeks of winter break fun (and something to keep in mind when returning from spring break in March).  Here are some tips for you as you get your youngsters ready to go “back to school” whatever the time of year.

  1. Expect that your child may be a bit over-tired from resuming the school schedule and following classroom procedures. Just as occurs in September, being asked to concentrate and focus for an entire school day is a very big change from self-directed activities, and can really sap energy those first few days back. To help offset that lethargy, the sooner you can re-establish after-school routines, the better.  A small snack before tackling homework may be especially important in these first few days to provide your child with a boost of energy before tackling homework.
  2. Similarly, while normal bedtimes may have flexed a bit over the holidays to allow for special time with friends and relatives, a return to the normal nighttime routine will help your child be ready for learning every morning.
  3. Reclaim the homework space your child uses in your house. Tidy up and remove any clutter that may have accumulated, and make sure all the normal “tools” are at their disposal to cut down on delays once they begin:  extra sheets of paper, several pencils, a sharpener, erasers, etc.  Don’t forget to also remove any possible distractions like new toys or the last holiday decorations in that area.

It may take several days for everyone to get back to their normal school routines, but these hints should help you provide the support your child needs to get back in the groove without delay.