A Week Without Screens

We are in the midst of “Screen-Free Week” here at Green Hedges.  Although our smart devices in their various forms can be great tools for all of us, many parents worry about the effects that excessive screen time has on our kids.  Screen Free Week allows all of us to reset our systems and participate in the activities that we often don’t find time for in our normal busy days.

While your family may not be able to go 100% screen-free, there are some significant advantages to allocating screen-free time on a regular basis, or even just for a few days in this week. Here are just some of the ways you, and your children, may benefit from some screen-free time.

There are lots of activities to consider during screen-free week including:

  • Play Games: Board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles are all great alternatives to being in front of a screen. Here are some lesser-known board games for younger kids.
  • Explore the Outdoors: Take a camera, journal, and/or sketch book to record your observations on a nature walk or a neighborhood walk.
  • Experience History: Visit historical sites, monuments, museums, e.g., the Capitol, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Mount Vernon, Monticello, battlefields, World War II Memorial, Newseum, etc. or read a nonfiction book about an historical topic.
  • Read a book, magazine, or newspaper article together with your child and discuss or answer questions afterward.

Even if you don’t participate for the whole week, incorporating a day of screen-free time once in a while is a great way to reconnect with those around us.