Co-Ed Independent School in Vienna, VA

Preparatory Grades 1 – 8 & Montessori Preschool – Kindergarten

Founded 1942 

Green Hedges Is A Small School, And That’s One Of Our Biggest Strengths.

Children here get the care, the nurturing, the personal attention, and the guidance they need to thrive as learners and as young people. And thrive they do. The foundation they gain here stays with them in high school and for the rest of their lives. 

Child throwing leaves in the air

Head of School Jennifer P. Bohnen looks forward to welcoming you to Green Hedges, which has been a leader in Preschool through Grade 8 education for more than 75 years.

Welcome to a dynamic school environment in which preschool, elementary and middle school children thrive. Small but mighty, read about what sets us apart.

Find out more about our Age 2 through Grade 8 coeducational independent school and seeing how we may best fit the needs of your child(ren).

Students from each year all in a row

At Green Hedges, No One Falls Through The Cracks.

Because we’re a small school, people know you. Not just your name, but what you like, what you don’t like, your talents, your weaknesses, how to make you feel good about yourself, how to challenge you to reach new heights.

Your school experience is your school experience, as unique as your fingerprints. 

In one class, the teacher puts together 12 different reading packets for 15 kids. In another, the math groups are equally diverse. Students here benefit from a level of individual attention that isn’t possible at a large school.

Children don’t fall through the cracks at Green Hedges, and there’s a simple reason for that: we’ve worked really hard to get rid of the cracks.

“I like the small, tight community. My son gets great academics in an environment where he feels safe to take risks. He’s comfortable. He’s known.”

Two young Montessori students

Challenge And Support - The Green Hedges Academic Program

Green Hedges is a happy place full of spirited students who are challenged academically and given the support they need to do their best. Our small size makes possible a style of learning that’s intensely personal and highly student-centered, and we understand that academic success and social and emotional learning go hand in hand. Students feel safe to learn, welcome a challenge, and reach remarkable levels of accomplishment.

Letting Kids Be Kids

Green Hedges begins with Preschool and ends at Grade 8, for good reasons. We begin with Pre-K because the early years encompass some of the most rapid learning and growth any of us ever experiences. It’s an exciting time, and our Montessori program—for Preschool through Kindergarten—fully taps the potential of those years.

Ending with Grade 8 also has many advantages. Our Grade 8 students experience the transition to adolescence in a community where they’re known and loved, and where they feel safe to try new things. Unlike a school that continues into the high- school years, at Green Hedges Grade 8 students are the leaders, at a time when being a leader is an important part of a young person’s development. They lead assemblies and all-school meetings, greet families at morning drop-off, take charge of community service activities, and become role models for the younger students.

And even though they’re entering their early teens, Grade 8 students are still basically kids. So we let them be kids, without the pressure to grow up too fast. 

“You’ll get an authentic and full and rich education at Green Hedges. You’ll be known and loved, and you'll be held to high standards. It’s like family here.”

Student playing on playground

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Saturday, December 2 at 10 a.m.