Green Hedges School is a Small Wonder in Vienna, Virginia.

Children at Green Hedges get the care, the nurturing, the personal attention, and the guidance they need to thrive as learners and as young people. We invite you to view our virtual Open Houses to learn more.

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Co-Ed Independent School

Preparatory Grades 1 – 8 & Montessori Preschool – Kindergarten

Founded 1942


Where questions are the answer.

At Green Hedges, we know that deep and meaningful learning isn’t test- or even answer-driven. It’s question-driven. Here curiosity is encouraged—and it’s everywhere—thanks to teachers who guide students as they probe, discover, master, and continue to question.

Liberal arts for young learners.

Green Hedges’ challenging, complete education provides strong roots from which broadened minds and bright futures grow. Creativity is integrated across disciplines, and our Montessori-to-traditional program prepares students the right way at the right time—for the next step and the many that follow.


Small school. Big experience.

Thanks to Green Hedges’ size, our entire community knows every student well. Because teachers understand how each student learns, academic growth is maximized. Because children interact with all, social growth is enhanced. Here students can and must take part, providing a big experience and big, lasting benefits.

It really does take a village.

At Green Hedges, the entire community comes together to raise each child. Steeped in collaboration and kindness, the atmosphere is wholesome, unpressured, authentic, and friendly. Students and parents are not only warmly welcomed; they’re involved, creating a school environment that enriches and is enriched by all.


Raising children who raise their hands.

Green Hedges helps students become active and excited participants in learning and in life. While eager to share their own ideas, they consider and are considerate of the perspectives of others. With confidence and character, they become enthusiastic scholars and citizens.

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