Tuition & Green Hedges Affordability Program

2022-2023 Tuition (all inclusive)
2-year old Montessori Half Day
2-year old Montessori Full Day
3 and 4-year olds Half Day
3 and 4-year olds Full Day
Kindergarten (Age 5)
Grades 1 through 3
Grades 4 and 5
Grades 6 through 8

Tuition is set in January for the following school year by the Board of Trustees. Families pay only one amount for the school year, listed above, with no additional fees. A carrying charge and tuition insurance is included in the above tuition amounts.

Payment Options

For more details on payment plans, fees, and discounts, please visit our Tuition Management page:

Questions about tuition, payment options, fees, or tuition insurance? Please contact the Green Hedges School Business Office:
(703) 938-8323 x231
[email protected]

Green Hedges Affordability Program (GHAP)

We understand that a Green Hedges School education represents a significant financial investment in your child’s future. To that end, the Green Hedges Affordability Program (GHAP) creates an equitable and accessible tuition pricing model for both our new and returning families. The purpose of GHAP is to ensure that families are not prevented from accessing a Green Hedges education solely based on the ability to pay. With GHAP, our families understand that they are contributing to a Green Hedges education at a customized level that is appropriate to them. We seek to create a community that welcomes all families and students who share in the Green Hedges Mission and Core Values.

GHAP replaces the traditional financial aid model and replaces it with a customized tuition model. With GHAP, a family makes a commitment to the School for tuition based primarily on family income and assets. In return, Green Hedges gives a family a projection of their tuition commitment for two years.

The Benefits of GHAP for Families

With GHAP, families will find:

  • an individualized tuition plan based on a family’s income and assets;
  • reimagined and streamlined GHAP questionnaire (consisting of approximately 10 questions) that needs to be completed every two years instead of every year;
  • greater visibility into what a family would pay for tuition over a two-year period; and
  • faster results for families as individualized tuition prices will be provided within days of completing the GHAP questionnaire.

How to Apply

To apply for GHAP, families must complete the questionnaire and necessary documents. Green Hedges has partnered with Higher Education Assistance Group (HEAG), which provides tuition assistance consulting services to independent schools, colleges, and universities throughout the country. HEAG creates the portal used to access the GHAP questionnaire and they will serve as the school’s independent third-party application processor. Submitted information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

Green Hedges Affordability Program FAQs

Must all families complete the GHAP questionnaire to get individualized tuition pricing?
Families that choose to pay the yearly Board of Trustees established Tuition and Fees are not required to complete the GHAP questionnaire. You may also begin the questionnaire and then opt out if you choose.

Could the tuition amount determined by GHAP be higher than the Board of Trustees established Tuition and Fees?
No. A family’s GHAP tuition will never be higher than the Board of Trustees established Tuition and Fees.

Does applying for GHAP influence the admission decision?
Admission decisions are made independently of GHAP. The Admission Committee reaches enrollment decisions. Green Hedges School accepts students based on academic merit, test scores, references, and personal qualities. GHAP is considered separately from a student’s admission application.

When will we be notified of our individualized tuition once we have completed the GHAP questionnaire?
Please allow 10 days from the date of completion to receive your two year individualized tuition from Higher Education Assistance Group (HEAG), our independent third party tuition processor.

My family is new to Green Hedges. When will we be notified of our individualized tuition once we have completed the GHAP questionnaire? 
GHAP tuition decisions will be made on a rolling basis for new applicants. New families will be notified of individualized tuition no later than April 15. For families applying after the normal admissions season, GHAP tuition decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

Is there an appeal process?
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your student’s tuition obligation or your student’s tuition determination.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?
Please contact Director of Admission and Affordability Katherine Vazquez if you have questions about GHAP. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the GHAP questionnaire or your tuition obligation or tuition determination.