Our Vision of Wonder

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025

Dear Green Hedges Community,

We are excited to unveil our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. This strategic plan gives shape and structure to the ambitious aims of a generation of Green Hedges’ Trustees and the highest aspirations of Green Hedges’ alumni, parents, students, and faculty. Strategic planning has served as a powerful means for us to realize our mission in light of emerging challenges and opportunities. The questions we asked ourselves were “Where are we lagging? What new paths should we pursue? How might we design a Green Hedges for future students?” We optimistically posed these questions considering immediate needs and our most aspirational hopes.

The four goals below serve as the essence of the strategic plan. These goals — Invest, Lead, Design, and Connect — are central to how our School builds a community. With our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, we seek to begin a new chapter in the esteemed story of our School — a chapter in which the School and its students take a giant stride toward the fulfillment of their potential. This is a vision full of promise, but the commitment and dedication of many will be needed to make it a reality. We hope you will join the School in this continued pursuit of excellence.

Let wonder begin,

The Green Hedges School Strategic Planning Committee
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Target full enrollment levels by division with mission-appropriate families.

Strengthen our fundraising capacity to realize additional discretionary income.

Define our endowment strategy to maximize unrestricted funds.


  • Grow and support new 2-year-old program
  • Explore alternative accessibility and affordability options


  • Enhance fundraising communications and events to include all members of the Green Hedges community


  • Explore feasibility of an endowment campaign

“We’ve seen up close and personal the empowering and exceptionally positive impact GHS teachers and school leadership have had on our kids and countless other students we’ve come to know and love. We believe so strongly in the gift of a GHS education that we find ways to give as much as we can to support the school year after year.”


Identify and implement new methods and practices to enhance instruction, instill cultural competence, and develop each child’s sense of wonder.

Reinforce students’ feeling of belonging by using relevant and authentic experiences across all areas of their School journey.


  • Continue to research and implement established best practices, developing fields, and emerging trends in education
  • Leverage the School’s talented and creative faculty to identify changes that best fit the School


  • Articulate and strengthen the School’s Social-Emotional, Character Development, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission and curriculum

Meet students’ varying talents and developmental stages and needs with appropriate differentiation and support in the classroom.

Strengthen our position as an employer and workplace of choice.


  • Continue the systematic review of the program, and identify and implement plans for change
  • Consider developing a learning center to meet student needs


  • Recruit, invest in, support, and retain a diverse group of educators and professionals who embrace and bring to life the School’s mission and philosophy
  • Cultivate a healthy and inspiring work environment, with ample opportunities for professional development

“She’s not only learning; she’s excited about learning. And that’s probably more important to me than anything is that her zest or enthusiasm to learn is being properly stimulated.”


Redesign our vision of a modern campus in the heart of a community that is growing and changing significantly.

Create learning environments that inspire curiosity and creativity within all campus spaces.


  • Review Master Plan and evaluate in light of programmatic needs and Town of Vienna planned changes
  • Assess and continuously monitor campus safety measures to adhere with best practices and the School’s location


  • Equip classrooms and shared spaces with innovative and dynamic learning environments
  • Refresh campus welcoming spaces to invite the community to engage fully in campus activities

“I like the small, warm environment here, the good teachers, the feel of the school, the environment it creates for the students. Every year I still feel good about our decision. It feels like a warm, welcoming place where you can grow safely.”


Develop effective methods to share outcomes that highlight Green Hedges as an exemplar of an independent school education.

Cultivate the wider Green Hedges community by creating a culture of connection, support, and engagement.


  • Design and host events that engage prospective families on campus and online to experience Green Hedges


  • Build a formal alumni/ae program to increase connection and support
  • Host more all-community events to enhance togetherness and engage special friends, grandparents, and family members more actively
  • Explore philanthropic relationships with foundations, family businesses, and corporations, especially those with Green Hedges connections, and cultivate planned giving opportunities

Build on-going relationships with schools and educational partners to attract mission-appropriate families.

Identify and establish reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with mission- aligned organizations.


  • Conduct active outreach to build meaningful relationships between organizations and Green Hedges
  • Create more opportunities for Green Hedges students to engage with students from other schools


  • Evaluate existing partnerships to discover opportunities to maximize impact
  • Pursue new partnerships that amplify our position in the market to increase 4 awareness of Green Hedges and benefit both the local community and the School

“I received a great liberal arts education at GHS. My time at Green Hedges inspired a love of reading and literature, which I carried with me to college and still have today.”