Kristin Kvasnyuk

Kristin Kvasnyuk

Middle School Latin & Humanities

The word “enthusiasm” is derived from ancient Greek, and one of its meanings is “inspired by a god.” Kristin Kvasnyuk brings enthusiasm to her Middle School Latin and Humanities teaching in more ways than one, imparting both her fascination with language and her love of myth to her students. The subjects she teaches and the way she approaches them is meant to nourish their intellect and imagination, because, she says, “Across cultures and languages, we use myths to see ourselves, understand ourselves, better. These stories help us make sense of the world. They provide great themes to discuss for Middle School students whose world is in transition.”

Ms. Kvasnyuk’s own studies of the Classics and of world languages, modern and ancient, began in late adolescence as she studied Spanish, Latin, and Greek and their related cultures. She received a B.A. in Classics from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, having spent her junior year abroad studying Greek and Latin at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She later attended Classical Summer School at the American Academy in Rome, Italy. Ms. Kvasnyuk is also certified to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and has taught English to aviation professionals in Moscow, Russia.

Of her years teaching students in Grades 6-8, she says, “Some students love the logic of Latin, while others prefer speaking and listening to active Latin,” adding, “All students benefit from comprehensible language approaches. My goal is to make learning interesting and accessible to all students.”

Born in Rhode Island, Ms. Kvasnyuk has traveled extensively in Europe, where she and her husband often spend time with his Russian family. Some favorite memories include attending the opera in Vienna and going for a reindeer-sled ride in Finland. The couple’s young son is sure to become a world traveler soon.

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